October 15, 2021

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Why Weed May Help Cure the Flu

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Why Weed May Help Cure the Flu

I am a 6’5” college student with a slight hunch, due to my past of being unusually taller than everyone else at school. Because of my awkward build, I have a lot of weird growing pains that come and go pretty often. Lately, I have been having horrible pain in my knee, and for the past year I have been having consistent pain and pressure in my lower back. Although I do not have a medical marijuana license, I live in the state of Washington where weed is now legal if you are 21 or older. I smoke weed every night before I go to bed to relax the muscles in my lower back, and to help me sleep as well. It also helped me get over a horrible fever and cough that I had one day, and I cannot believe it is still illegal in some states.

Due to the sedative effects of marijuana, it is really easy to fall asleep after consumption, but sleep is one of the most important things to help get over a cold; it gives your body time to fight off the viruses. It also makes your mouth dry, so you will want to drink a lot of liquid, which is also good for your body while fighting the flu. You may ask: But isn’t smoking bad for your throat when you have a cough? Well, there aren’t nearly as many harmful and cancerous chemicals in marijuana smoke than there are in cigarettes. As long as you pace yourself, and don’t inhale unnecessarily large amounts of smoke, it will not hurt your lungs. When I woke up the next day, after smoking some hash oil during the previous day, my cough had suppressed, and my headache and fever were completely gone. I got a lot of sleep the day before and during the night, and when I awoke, I pretty much had slept off the flu.

Why is marijuana still illegal in other states when it has been proven to help people with cancer, intractable pain, and other diseases? Well, simply because there is too much controversy over it. Luckily, I live in a state with a large population of liberals that see the potential in the legalization of marijuana and it’s medical use. This is not to say there are no conservative users of this plant because the numbers supporting it are growing steadily across the US.

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